Competence and Track Record

Full Advantage as a company is rarely matched in the region in terms of experience in advising, developing and implementing projects and enterprises in the energy and environment sectors. Being a business and project developer ourselves with years of experience in conceptualizing, designing, and developing numerous projects in the region, the team at FA possesses the practical knowledge and skills in establishing projects from conceptual stage to operation. Thus, we are able to use the lessons from these experiences from different countries, to avoid the pitfalls and assess parameters that have most likelihood for success.


The Team of FA (corporate and individual) has been involved in the different stages of more than 100 renewable energy projects in the different countries of Asia and beyond. Many of these projects have reached operation stage amounting to a combined operating capacity of more than 300 MWe. Hence, we bring in not only the success factors of these projects, but also the experiences on a regional level and the challenges faced by these projects.


Our experience in the three business units of FA are described below.

Advisory and Consulting

AlanFull Advantage provides advisory and consulting services to both institutional and private sector clients. The combined experiences of the Directors of Full Advantage are extensive and the spectrum of their project involvement spans far and wide in the energy and environment field. Our track record encompasses the following:

Business/Project Development

AlanWith years of experience in the development and implementation of numerous projects in the region, the team at Full Advantage possesses the practical knowledge and skills in developing energy and environment projects from conceptual stage to operation. Our achievements in this business activity include the following:


Climate Change Activities

AlanFA is at the forefront of the Climate Change activities and carbon financing market in the region, having been involved in the different aspects of more than 30 Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects. Moreover, because we have a strong technical expertise in the energy and environment sector, we are able to provide advice and service that is most appropriate and effective for the Climate Change projects we are engaged in.


The competence of Full Advantage has been recognized by international institutions and reputable private sector companies, through the Climate Change activities that Full Advantage has conducted for these institutions and companies.


Some highlights of our competence and expertise in this field are:


Range of Services

Choosing an independent consultant or adviser who could provide objective, competent and cost-effective services and solutions that are best suited to the client’s requirements is key to the success of a project.

With its team of multi-disciplinary and multi-national experts, the group provides a wide range of services in various aspects such as:

  • Technical advisory and assistance
    • resource assessment and fuel availability studies
    • technology assessment
    • engineering and design
    • tendering and support in bidding negotiations
    • technical preparation/review of contractual arrangements
    • project management during construction
    • operation and maintenance
    • performance monitoring of projects
  • Project development/co-development activities
    • conduct of feasibility studies
    • due diligence activities
    • project structuring, implementation and management
    • permitting and consents
    • public-private partnerships
  • Commercial and financing aspects
    • investment appraisals and financial modeling
    • preparation of information memorandum
    • funds mobilization and financial packaging
    • Independent Engineer to financing institutions
    • sustainable energy finance product development
  • Market entry and facilitation
    • identification of projects and business contacts
    • market entry studies and preparation of business plans
    • business facilitation
  • Policy, advocacy and capacity building
    • policy, regulatory and sectoral studies
    • advocacy activities
    • capacity building and training
  • CDM activities & carbon financing
    • CDM project identification and assessments
    • PDD writing
    • methodological assessments and development
    • assistance related to DOE validation, DNA approval and EB registration
    • monitoring and verification support
    • carbon asset management